Don't Let Problems Catch You by Surprise

Be prepared with a pre-listing home inspection in Livonia, MI

Scheduling a pre-listing home inspection will not only help you out, but it will also benefit the eventual home buyer. You'll appreciate having the heads-up about any problems that need to be fixed, and your buyer will appreciate not having to hire their own home inspector. As you can see, there are many good reasons to schedule a seller's home inspection.

Campbell Certified Inspections, Inc. inspects homes throughout the Livonia, MI area. Contact us today to schedule your pre-listing home inspection.

home inspections in Livonia, MI

3 ways we can help you

A seller's home inspection can provide you with several benefits. Campbell Certified Inspections will help by:

  1. Inspecting the home before it goes on the market
  2. Advising you of any issues that need to be fixed
  3. Providing value for potential home buyers

We simplify the home inspection process. You'll get a comprehensive and detailed report.

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